Maximum loan amount – when?

Viloan – Fifth loan for PLN 4,000

Viloan - Fifth loan for PLN 4,000

One of the highest amounts available on the market of micro-loans is PLN 4,000. Viloan offers such money. However, the maximum amount of online loans requires four stages. After repayment of the first liability, which is free and not higher than PLN 1,600, the second loan can range from PLN 100 to 2,600. With the third contract with Viloan, you can apply for no more than 3,000 PLN, and the fourth commitment will cover unexpected expenses up to PLN 3,500. The maximum amount, i.e. PLN 4,000, is reserved for clients who have reliably settled their existing at least four loans. The repayment period remains unchanged, which in each case is from 1 to 30 days.

Moneycrei – up to PLN 4,000 for 45 days

Moneycrei - up to PLN 4,000 for 45 days

We also receive a loan of PLN 4,000 at Moneycrei, but here the road to the maximum amount is much longer, because it requires contracting and dedication of six obligations. With the second and third applications, the non-banking company is willing to withdraw up to PLN 1,000, while the fourth, fifth and sixth micro-loans may amount to no more than PLN 2,000. Access to the highest amount offered by Moneycrei opens when regular customers reach for the seventh and subsequent commitment. From the second loan, we can have up to 45 days to reimburse you. New customers must give away money within a month. At the same time, it’s worth remembering that Moneycrei rewards its reliable customers by granting them every fifth micro loan for PLN 0.

Lendex and NetEX – 3000 PLN

Lendex and NetEX - 3000 PLN

Slightly less, 3000 PLN is offered by Lendex and NetEX. The first lender applies a five-level quota distribution. It starts with a free PLN 1,000 for new customers, then you can apply for up to PLN 1,800. The third contract with Lendex may relate to the amount of PLN 2,300, and the fourth authorizes to obtain up to PLN 2,600. The maximum loan can support your home budget only at the fifth time. We must pay back the online loan within 30 days. The micro loan in NetEX works on similar principles, except that the spreads are set to PLN 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 respectively.

Smart Loan – 2500 PLN

Smart Loan - 2500 PLN

WiseMoney customers must also earn the maximum amount of PLN 2,500. A non-banking company is willing to borrow this money only on the seventh application. PLN 600 for free for people using the services of the lender for the first time. The second loan can be up to PLN 1,000, the third and fourth – up to PLN 1,500, and the fifth and sixth – up to PLN 2,000.

Free loans

Free loans

We recommend you check the list of free loans. We can take instant cash for free in up to 16 companies.

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