Eco-loan – what can you get extra for?

Eco-credit – what is involved and who can use it?

Eco-credit - what is involved and who can use it?

Banks are increasingly offering loans that can be used to finance pro-ecological investments on preferential terms. This applies to equipping your home with modern heating technologies, constructing an energy-efficient building, and even buying a hybrid car. There are many solutions available. You can use eco-loans, subsidized loans or co-financing from the city or commune. Shopex Bank itself from the beginning of its activity, i.e. since 1991. by the end of 2016, he had granted “green loans” worth PLN 18.6 billion [1]. Experts from the Association of Financial Intermediation Companies advise on this type of financing.

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In recent years, ekotrend has become more and more visible. It concerns not only the fashion for healthy food and an active lifestyle, but also top-down regulations that affect, among others on the way modern homes are built. Regulations and requirements for technical conditions are constantly tightening up, and by 2021 every new building will have to have almost zero energy consumption [2]. – Construction of an energy-efficient house involves the use of modern technologies, including heating and insulation, which means that the building will need several times less energy for heating. In practice, this means significant savings on bills, but also higher investment costs. You can reduce them by taking an ecological loan with a subsidy from the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management or the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. This subsidized eco-loan is available at selected banks and relates to a specific purpose, e.g. replacement of a coal-fired boiler with a gas-fired boiler, installation of a heat pump or solar collectors. Subsidies are up to 40 percent. investments, but their amount and availability depends on the region of the country. It is also possible to finance renewable energy micro-installations with a subsidy, thanks to which a mini power plant is built next to the house, which powers the building. In the long run, this solution can bring significant savings, because it reduces the cost of maintaining a home – says Leszek ZiÄ™ba, ZFPF expert, micro-finance.


Eco-friendly shopping with a supplement from the city

Eco-friendly shopping with a supplement from the city

As part of the fight against smog, cities and municipalities also offer subsidies for furnace replacement. The co-financing concerns the replacement of old coal boilers with new generation devices that meet EU standards, such as gas and electric boilers. – To take advantage of the surcharge, you must first check the availability of the program and its regulations on the website of the city or commune office. The possible amounts to be obtained and the deadlines for submitting applications vary from region to region. If we are planning a new furnace replacement, we should be interested in the additional payment now, because in many cities the call for applications will soon end.

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